Puppy Joga in Warsaw

Discover the joy of joga with puppies!

What does Puppy Joga class look like?

Classes last one hour: 45 minutes of exercise + 15 minutes of playing with puppies.

Our puppies come exclusively from registered kennels.

Classes are taught by a qualified instructor and are completely safe.

Is Puppy Joga for me?

🐾 Puppy yoga is a unique form of yoga, which links traditional joga exercises with interaction with puppies.

🐾 We combine the benefits of the dose of serotonin produced during exercise with the dose that is produced when playing with adorable doggies.

🐾 Our classes are taught by qualified instructors, so don’t worry about nothing, you don’t need any experience in practicing joga either.

🐾 The aim of the class is to relax and reduce stress. Practicing joga with puppies promotes improved mood, reduced stress and increased well-being.

🐾 It’s the puppies that rule during the class, so get ready for lots of doggy kisses and huggies!

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Experience the joyful play with puppies and the relaxing practice of joga in one class!

Immerse yourself in relaxation and discover how this form of exercise improves your well-being.

Puppy yoga is not only a way to keep yourself healthy, but most importantly a source of joy and positive energy!

Hi, this is Monika and Kamil!

In a world full of stress, tension and negative stimuli, we are passionate about creating a space for well-being and mental health. As animal and physical activities lovers, we created a new place on the map of Warsaw – Jupi Puppy Joga.

Our classes are a unique combination of movement, mindfulness and priceless proximity to adorable, lovable puppies.

Interaction with animals lowers cortisol levels, reduces loneliness and increases feelings of social support, all of which have a power to improve mood.

We believe that combining yoga with wonderful moments spent in the company of animals is the perfect antidote to stress.

The comfort of our doggies is a priority, so with us it’s the participants who match the doggies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Puppy joga is a unique form of joga, which links traditional joga exercises with interaction with puppies. Participants have the occasion to practice joga in the presence of puppies, which improves mood and reduces stress.

You can find terms and conditions in the system for signing up for classes or on our website: www.jupipuppyjoga.pl. You can also take a look at it in the link below.

You can sign up through the link below, through the link in our BIO or at www.jupipuppyjoga.pl

No, the puppies that attend to our classes come from registered breedings. You don’t need to have your own dog to join our classes.

Yes, our classes are suitable for all levels, the instructor adapts the pace and difficulty level to the participants.

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to join our classes.


We recommend to dress comfortably for joga exercises. Keep in mind that puppies sometimes can’t keep themselves clean yet, so it’s better to wear an outfit that you won’t feel sorry for if a little slip-up happens.

Unfortunately, we don’t pay back for classes, which are already paid for. But don’t worry! You can always find someone else who would like to use your ticket and let us know. If it doesn’t work out, get back to us too, we’ll try to help!

Classes take place at JogaRytm Studio, Józefa i Jana Rostafińskich 4, 02-593 Warsaw.

Classes cost PLN 100 and last 60 minutes (about 45 minutes of exercising and about 15 minutes of playing with puppies).

As organizers, we don’t insure participants in case of injuries or mishaps and are not responsible for them. We encourage you to take out insurance on your own and at your own expense.

Yes, the puppies that attend the classes come only from registered breedings. Their owners always watch over them, so you can be sure that they are well-treated and healthy. Their health is under control of the breeder and he is responsible for their good health and necessary vaccinations.

Currently, we do not honor Multisport cards. But don’t worry, we have other payment options and we’re sure that you find something suitable for you!

In order to make sure you can attend the class, please send a confirmation of your wire transfer to jupipuppyjoga@gmail.com. This will ensure that your payment will be credited before the class and you will be able to exercice and play with us!

To purchase two tickets, you will need to create separate accounts for two separate emails. This will allow you to register two people for our classes and have a nice time together!

Of course! If you would like to give our classes as a gift, please email us at jupipuppyjoga@gmail.com and we will prepare a personalized voucher for you to give to your loved one. This is a wonderful and original form of gift!

Contact us, we’ll be happy to clear u pall your doubts and answer your questions! We prefer e-mail contact (juppipuppyjoga@gmail.com) or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook 😊

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